• (Rosary-Beads)

    (Rosary-Beads) is less a band than an idea, a notion, a meeting of chance, wisps of wind. Smoke floating on the breeze brushed everywhich way by everywhich what. Every time we play things will be different. You may listen to what is on the members websites but don't expect to hear what we record played live. The risk of walking into something unprepared is large but its what we do. We have one or two covers, pop gems, to be played loud but the majority of the set we play is unwritten as of yet. It's exciting. It's new.


    "SING LOUD, WITH FEELING: Alice Foote on rhythm guitar takes centre stage as Christchurch all-girl band 3rd Inertia drives the crowd wild at the smokefreerockquest Canterbury final." 4 Chicks from CHRISTCHURCH who can ROCK IT UP!! Since the girls got together they have written a number of songs and made apperances around their school and community, such as their schools open nights (2006+2007) and assemblys They also made appearance on CTV in 2006. Formally known as “Return To Sender”(2006).

  • A Cold September

    Formally known as Out of the Ballpark, A Cold September are starting fresh. A More defined sound which is influenced strongly by bands such as Blessthefall, Atreyu, August Burns Red & Underoath. The long awaited EP is finally under construction and the band will be hitting the studio 2/10/08. Check out our myspace. We take it seriously. Or if your not the serious type our bebo just might be what you're looking for.

  • A Dark Descent

    A Dark Descent is a Metalcore band which spawned in amongst the scum of the earth, also known as Rangiora. They have a wide range of influences both vocally and musically and are recording a demo very soon.

    The members are:

    Hayden - ( Guitars )
    Kurt - ( Guitar )
    JessicaJackel - ( Bass, Backup Vocals )
    Luke - ( Drums )
    Rugz - ( Vocals, Synthesizer )

  • Awakened Inferno

    Awakened Inferno.... pretty cheesy huh?

    Consists of

    Jacob: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Taz (sam): Drums
    Shiro (damien): Bass
    Young Chan: Lead Guitar

  • Bang!Bang!Eche!

    Christchurch eletro-pop troop that burst onto the All-Ages scene with an excellent home-recorded MySpace single ('Nikee') and then a flurry of live shows, including achieving success as a wildcard entry in the rockquest regionals. An exciting mix of electronics, guitar and pulsating rhythm, Bang! Bang! Eche! are Charlie (guitar), Perry (Keyboards), James (Drums), T'Nealle (Bass) and Zac (Vocals).