Over the years I have done many reports to funders and thought that, as this was the final one, I would post it. It gives some very interesting stats as well as informing readers of the ongoing use of Zebz equipment. Sincere thanks and appreciation to all the helpers we have had over the years.

31 March 2014


Looking back to early 2013 when I wrote an

overview for our funding applications I never thought that this would be my

last report. We had been hoping that

someone would appear that had the same vision as the Trust and relieve some of

the Friday/Saturday night management, but that did not eventuate.

Two days after Christmas 2013 our close

knit family suffered a tragedy in the loss of our granddaughter Isobel at 32

weeks gestation. This brought home to

Jennie and I the need to be available to enjoy the company of our immediate family

and their children. With that in mind

and 479 Blenheim Road being on a month by month lease, since June 2013, we

approached the landlord to have another trust take over the running of Zebedees

but that was not to be. The landlord

required the building to undertake earthquake repairs and as such would not be

renewing the lease or allow the building to be leased by another trust.

Something that started as a vision in

1997, for our then two teenage daughters to have somewhere to enjoy dancing and

performing, kicked off in Lichfield Street in January 1998 but closed in 1999

after we lost the use of the building.

Then followed a four year hunt for another building, eventually ending

at 479 Blenheim Road.

After five hundred hours setting up the

space we opened on the 21st January 2004 thanks to Chris, Glynn,

Mickey and Rachel for all their hard work.

Over the next ten years the venue, in terms of patronage and bands, went

from strength to strength. With funding

support from the Christchurch City Council and the Canterbury Community Trust,

the venues survival was assured and our grateful thanks go to these two


For the 2013/2014 year we expended some 2,066

volunteer hours, 66 bands with 127 performances and 3,872 patrons attending,

which is on par with previous years. We

had a big increase in international bands performing (10 in total) coming from

the U.S.A. and Australia. On the national

scene old friends, ‘Tainted’, ‘Out Cold A.D.’, 8ft Sativa’, ‘Saving Grace’ and

‘Antagonist A.D.’ played to a packed venue.

Over the years we have had some really

magic events; of note these are:


Friday Live series


Waste Concert 2008

Guides Jamboree – January 2008 with some 2,500 guides over one week


Schools Concert Nights in which we have seen some very talented young musicians

go onto better things with Rhys Bell, Jake Peters, Eddie Kiesanowski to name
just a few.

Over the years Jennie and I have had many

loyal volunteers that have put in many hours keeping the venue running, in

their different roles, and my thanks go to Mickey and Peter (security), Ricky

and Paige, Ngaire and Kale, Laurelle and Taliha, Chris and Rachel, Katrina,

James, Malachi, Charlotte and Hollie, Seb and Tim, Dan and Jen, to name just a


Then there are the organizations and

individuals that have continued over the years to give support to this amazing

place, who without, we would not have been able to run in some way:

◾Fleece (Craig Steven)

◾Paul Mellon (Sound Workshop)

◾Paul Matthews (Sound Systems)

◾Craig Wansborough

◾Mike Mora

◾Chris Martin (Selwyn District Council/Sound Entertainment)

◾Marcus Winstanley (MAINZ)

◾Dave Morris and Judith Bell

◾Vicki Anderson (The Press)


◾The Rock Shop

◾Kenny Beverages

◾Bin It Bin Hire

◾Ferry Oaks Limited

At this point I want to make a special

mention of a person who for the last several years has been my ‘right hand

man’, who has been a mentor to bands and all round best mate, Craig Stare. Over the years many of our youth bands have gone on to play on a Friday night/Saturday main stage at Muscle Car Madness at Rangiora

and this is all down to Craig’s love of bands, music and youth. Many who got their start in youth bands, like

‘Sixlip’ and ‘Flying Solo’ with Sam Chambers-Watson, who is now in premier rock

outfit ‘This Disaster’, have gone on to headline at Muscle Car and other venues

like the Dux Live.

Craig, there are no words to express my heartfelt thanks to you. May we continue

to be involved together with youth events in Rolleston, Lincoln and outlying


Over the last ten years we have seen:

◾66,942 youth patrons

◾19,106 volunteer hours expended

◾886 bands have performed over the years with some of New Zealand’s biggest acts
included, along with bands from Australia and U.S.A.

We stayed with our original PA system of 14,000 watts which performed with little breakdowns, QSC amps, RCF drum fill,EV monitors with RCF (4) top boxes and 4 bass maxes. The backline went from Marshall 100w Combos, SWR 160w bass amp and Pearl Forum Export Drum Kit to Marshall AVT 150 heads and

cabs; then a year ago we updated to Fender Mustang 150w heads and cabs with a

Mapex Meridian 6pce Drum Kit but staying with the Behringer 450 bass head and

8x10 cab.

All this equipment, along with the stage

and bar, is now with the Selwyn Wairewa Youth Trust and is to be installed in

the new Lincoln youth venue due to open in May 2014.

Well it’s time for me to sign off. The ride has been fantastic, seeing so many

fabulous bands, the venue used to its full potential, the WOW! factor from so

many youth and parents and having so many excellent volunteers.

I reserve the biggest smile and fondest memories for the lives I have had the utmost privilege to see the change from teenagers to mature musicians/adults. This I will miss the most, having seen some as young as twelve years grow to be young adults that I would be proud to call my own.

My sincere thanks to all who have been involved over the last ten years and a special thanks to my wife, Jennie, who has had a husband ‘missing in action’ most Friday and Saturday nights. We will be about so say “hello” when you see us.

It’s been a ride to end all rides…………………..

Steve White